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Master of Arts in Teaching

MAT in Adolescent Special Ed

Adult Learning

Community & Economic Development

Liberal Studies

Learning & Emerging Technologies

Labor & Policy

Social Policy

Master of Business Administration

MBA Business Management

MBA Global Leadership

MBA Healthcare Leadership

M.Ed. in Adolescent Special Ed

M.Ed. Teaching & Learning

MS Finance










Please note: The Annual Learning Opportunities Inventory is available in archive form, for reference only.

A new catalog is available and will be effective beginning Fall 2018. Continue to the Registration and Course Offerings in Banner.

Current students - please contact your mentor for assistance in planning your studies.

The Annual Learning Opportunities Inventory is a tool designed for current students. You can view available studies/courses, current and future, to help you plan your academic program. The college offers a rich array of learning opportunities that include guided independent study, study groups (seminars), intensive short-term residencies and online courses.

Undergraduates may study onsite, or use a combination of face-to-face and online studies at one of our locations in New York state, or study completely online through our Center for Distance Learning.

You are encouraged to work with your mentor to develop individualized studies that fit your learning needs.

Those interested in graduate studies may view the offerings by program. Some students may also develop individualized studies to fit their learning needs by working with their mentor. This is particularly encouraged in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program.

Accommodation for a disability